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I'm commonly asked about resources aspiring engineers can use to break into tech. This is a list of my favorite learning materials, job search tools, interview prep resources, and even coding games. I strive to update this list as I learn about more great resources!

  1. Learning to Code
  2. Coding Games
  3. Tech Career Boards & Job Search
  4. Interview Prep


Learning to Code

✨ FreeCodeCamp | 💸 Free

FreeCodeCamp offers a variety of coding courses, tutorials, and videos on everything from web development to machine learning with Python. They also have a great YouTube channel that you can find here.

✨ The Odin Project | 💸 Free

Learn full-stack web development (Ruby on Rails or JavaScript) for free

✨ CodeCademy | 💸 Free Tier & Paid Plans

Learn to program in individual languages or with full curriculums including web development, iOS development, data science, and more

✨ Frontend Mentor | 💸 Free Tier & Pro ($96/annually OR $12/monthly)

Practice using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and frontend frameworks with FrontendMentor. They provide the design and assets, you provide the code.

✨ CodeMentor | 💸 Varies by mentor

Find and connect with a live mentor in your desired technical area

✨ DevChallenges | 💸 Free

Challenge yourself with completing real-world responsive web development, frontend web development, and full-stack projects

✨ The Complete Web Developer Bootcamp by Colt Steele | 💸 Around $20 (on Udemy Sale)

Learn full-stack web development with HTML, CSS, JavaSript, Node, Express, and MongoDB. This is a great beginner course and it is often updated with new information.

✨ Harvard CS50 | 💸 Free to take (Additional fee for certificate)

A complete intro to computer science and programming

  • CS50X - Introduction to Computer Science

  • CS50P - Introduction to Computer Science (Programming with Python)

  • CS50W - Introduction to Computer Science (Web Programming with Python & JavaScript)

  • CS50AI - Introduction to Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence with Python)

✨ Treehouse | 💸 $25/month (Courses only) OR $199/month (Tech Degree)

A full collection of courses and concentrated paths that explore web development, mobile development, UX design, and more. Treehouse offers multiple plans that include courses and full bootcamp programs.

✨ FrontendMasters | 💸 $39/monthly OR $390/annually

A library of courses spanning all things frontend including design, development, freelancing, and interview prep

✨ 100Devs | 💸 Free

A completely free online full-stack development bootcamp instructed by Leon Noel. While the current cohort has ended, all recordings of previous classes are still free and available to view. Includes a robust Discord community.

✨ Developer Roadmaps | 💸 Free

Learn about the technologies in demand for different niches within software engineering

✨ Big-O Cheatsheet | 💸 Free

Data structure and algorithm complexity cheatsheet

✨ Tech Dev Guide by Google | 💸 Free

Free computer science and programming courses, interactive tutorials, and hands-on coding problems

✨ CodeWars | 💸 Free

Complete Code Wars and compete against other developers by solving programming challenges as efficiently as you can

✨ DataCamp | 💸 Free Tier & Pro ($39/monthly OR $149/annually)

A library of courses and learning resources focused on data. Includes everything from data analytics to machine learning.

✨ Free Ebook Foundation | 💸 Free

A collection of free programming books, courses, and videos spanning a plethora of topics and languages

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Coding Games

ğŸŽ® Human Resource Machine | 💸 $14.99

This puzzle game requires players to think critically by creating groups of instructions that transform and manipulate numbers

ğŸŽ® Elevator Saga | 💸 Free

Use JavaScript to program a bank of elevators and make them as efficient as possible

ğŸŽ® Grid Garden | 💸 Free

Learn CSS grid by combining different grid properties to solve challenges by aligning plants and streams on a grid

ğŸŽ® Flexbox Froggy | 💸 Free

Learn CSS flexbox by combining different flex properties to solve challenges by aligning frogs on a grid

ğŸŽ® SQL Murder Mystery | 💸 Free

Craft SQL queries and generate clues to solve a classic murder mystery

ğŸŽ® CSS Battle | 💸 Free

This CSS code-golfing game allows you to use your CSS skills to replicate targets with the smallest possible code

ğŸŽ® CSS Diner | 💸 Free

Learn to use CSS selectors by creating CSS to target and set elements on the diner table

ğŸŽ® Lightbot | 💸 $2.99

Use commands to create procedures, use form loops, and play with conditionals to help Lightbot traverse the playing field

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Tech Career Boards & Job Search

ğŸŽ¯ LevelsFYI - Search salaries from different companies by job title, career level, and location

ğŸŽ¯ Glassdoor - Post and review salaries, hiring processes, and cultural insights from thousands of companies

ğŸŽ¯ Indeed - Browse for remote and on-site roles

ğŸŽ¯ LinkedIn - Build a professional network and access career insights and opportunities

ğŸŽ¯ Remotive - Search for remote job opportunities from tech companies

ğŸŽ¯ RemoteIO - Browse thousands of remote job listings to work at startups and leading companies

ğŸŽ¯ Dice - Browse tech career listings, review salary estimations, and craft your career path

ğŸŽ¯ We Work Remotely - Browse remote-centered roles with the largest remote work community in the world

ğŸŽ¯ Diversity Tech - Connecting marginalized folk in tech with career opportunities

ğŸŽ¯ Black Tech Pipeline - Connecting Black tech talent with roles at top companies

ğŸŽ¯ Builtin - Browse remote and on-site roles and get insight on the USA's largest tech hubs

ğŸŽ¯ POCIT Jobs - Connecting people of color with roles in engineering, design, sales, and marketing

ğŸŽ¯ AngelList - Browse over 100,000 jobs from top companies to fast-growing startups

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💻 Cracking the Coding Interview | 💸 $39.95

A walkthrough and deep dive of 189 data structures & algorithms technical interview questions

💻 Technical Interview Handbook | 💸 Free

Guided behavioral and technical interview prep that includes data structure & algorithm prep, resume guides, and salary negotiation advice

💻 System Design Primer | 💸 Free

Learn the ins and outs of building scalable systems

💻 HackerRank | 💸 Free

Practice solving coding problems with data structures and algorithms

💻 LeetCode | 💸 Free Tier & Pro ($35/monthly OR $159/annually)

Practice solving coding problems with data structures and algorithms

💻 FullStack Cafe | 💸 Free Tier & Pro ($69/lifetime access)

Questions, answers, and explanations to the most common full stack and mobile dev, data structure, and system design interview questions

💻 Pramp | 💸 Free

Free data structures & algorithms, product management, behavioral, system design, frontend, and data science mock interviews

💻 | 💸 Interviews start at $150/interview

Anonymous technical, behavioral, and management mock interviews with real-time feedback

💻 Tech Dev Guide: Interview Prep by Google | 💸 Free

Interview prep materials and coding questions previously used during Google's hiring process

💻 Tech Mock Interview | 💸 Varies

Technical and behavioral interviews with experts at top tech companies

💻 Hiring Without Whiteboards | 💸 Free

Technical and behavioral interviews with experts at top tech companies

💻 Great Frontend | 💸 Multiple plans available - $29/month, $128/lifetime

Gear up for frontend development interviews with frontend technical challenges, curated study plans, and interview simulation

💻 Grokking Dynamic Programming Patterns for Coding Interviews | 💸 membership ($59/monthly OR $199/annually)

Learn to solve dynamic programming problems and identify dynamic programming patterns for coding interviews

💻 Grokking the System Design Interview | 💸 membership ($59/monthly OR $199/annually)

Learn and practice modern system design to prepare for coding interviews

💻 Ace the Coding Interview | 💸 membership ($59/monthly OR $199/annually)

Get ready for technical interviews within your niche of software engineering with these comprehensive interview prep courses

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